World-renowned super thin foam


In addition to the smallest thickness in the industry (0.06 mm), this foam features superior functionality and reliability, contributing to the functional and design enhancements of leading-edge devices such as smartphones.


  • Superior shock absorption with closed cell foam

  • High sealing performance and workability with a flexible and stiff material

  • High chemical resistance of polyolefin resin

  • Improved sound directionality with closed cell foam

  • Maintaining the high basic performance of Softlon.


  • Speaker module cushions

  • Camera module cushions

  • LCD/OLED module gaskets

  • LCD/OLED module bottom spacers etc.

  • Dust proofing a smart watch

    Dust proofing a smart watch

  • Smartphone camera gasket

    Smartphone camera gasket

  • Smartphone speaker gasket

    Smartphone speaker gasket

  • Shock absorbing gasket under a smartphone display

    Shock absorbing gasket under a smartphone display



Thin heat-resistant grade, realizing both flexibility and rigidity with minimum dimensional change at a high temperature of 120°C. We can produce up to 0.1 mm thinness, with the retention of excellent moldability and workability.

Features of XLIM-HR

  • High heat resistance of polypropylene (PP) resin

  • Minimum dimensional change at a temperature of 120°C

  • Production available up to 0.1 mm thinness

  • Achieves both moldability and workability

  • Maintains high basic performance of SOFTLON

Applications for XLIM-HR

  • Base material for fixing tape around in-vehicle displays(CID, HUD etc.) and waterproof/dustproof gaskets

  • Protection and shock absorption around in-vehicle devices

  • Processing materials under high temperature such as in the semiconductor manufacturing process

  • Fixing tape for in-vehicle displays<br>Waterproofing/dustproofing gaskets

    Fixing tape for in-vehicle displays
    Waterproofing/dustproofing gaskets



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